Not sure what Bmx has brought me. It has surely shaped my life in more than one way.

For the most part I moved within the Bmx "subculture" and it had a major impact on the choices I made, private and professionally. I'm kinda over the point of overglorifing Bmx and Bmxers because I learned over time that "we" are just as much a diverse group of nice and/or pricky people as the rest of the world.

But I suppose everyone moves within his little world in one way or another and the one true benefit Bmx offers (or is it "offered"?) is the DIY spirit which allows you to get away with almost anything.
This lead to me jumping "professions" just as much as jumping from one bike "disipline" to another or being lost somewhere in between.

It was my initial interest in graphic design which got me my first job as layouter with a bmx magazine while riding mini ramps every day. It was my interest in computers that lead me to built my first website (for said magazine), it was my on going addiction to videos and movies which somehow brought a videocamera into my hands. I got to see some of the world and even passed some "real world" tests on the way, to prove myself that I'm not entirely worseless.

In times of trouble I found myself saying "Bmx ruined my life" more than once before. Memories of a stuck up Mr.Balboa in Rocky 6 come to mind, of someone who has never learned anything but his sport and just can't get over the fact that he doesn't cut the cake as an athlete anymore (which Rocky of course does but that's another silly story). In really the situation might not be as fucked up.

Bmx made me what I am today and as I am living a farely happy life right now it can't be all that bad. After all, I could be running a Kajagoogoo fansite instead ... now imagine that!
- Thomas Fritscher 2009